Tennessee Titans New York Jets Game
Penny and the Jets Beat the Titans

Titans Commentary
By Robert McGlinchey

The Titans 9-2 would face the Jets 4-7. These two teams and cities have nothing in common with each other. It was the battle of North vs South. Music City meets Mafia City.

The Titans who were 9-2 coming into the game, would score on their first drive. The Jets were showing why they are 4-7. However, the Jets would dominate the rest of the night.

The Titan offense would become slow and dull. It would be about as exciting as a Rush Limbaugh book! The Jets had the look of 9-2 team, not a 4-7 team.

The Titans road to the Super Bowl is shrinking. McNair still has an injury problem. The Titan defense is giving up to many penalties. And the running game is having trouble getting over 100 yards.

All things that need to be rectified come playoff time. The AFC is clearly the better conference. The Kansas City Chiefs have the best record in the league.

The Super Bowl is in Houston. The Titans old home. The Titans have something to prove to the city that aborted them. The Titans were correct in leaving Houston.

If the Titans do not get healthy by playoff time, they can forget about any Super Bowl Trophy. The Titans will be at home watching a video of the 2000 Super Bowl. Hopefully it will not come to that!

Robert McGlinchey

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